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Scott Hollier

Memoir 'Outrunning the Night': An inspiring journey of struggle and triumph

Inspiring memoir of struggle and triumph

Digital accessibility specialist Scott Hollier is well educated, loves computers and gadgets, is a husband and father, goes to church regularly and has set foot on all seven continents. He is also legally blind. 

In his inspirational and heart-warming memoir, Outrunning the Night: A life journey of disability, determination and joy, Scott shares stories of his personal and professional struggles and triumphs, and his determination to embrace every opportunity while constantly challenging the concept of limitation. 

“While my disability has caused times of frustration, I’ve never considered it a burden,” Scott says. 

“The trick for me when I’m in a difficult situation due to my disability has been to accept that I’m scared, then do whatever I’m faced with anyway.” 

Urged to write the book by other people with disabilities – and taxi drivers he’s chatted with over the years – Scott says one of his guiding philosophies is to make the most of the cards he was dealt. 

“The book is mainly for people with disabilities, their families and carers, and people working in the disability sector, but there’s also a universal theme about the power of education,” he says.

“Educational opportunities have been the cornerstone of my life and made so much possible – combined with a bit of a stubborn streak, which can be both a good and bad thing.

“Outrunning the Night also includes important information around the evolution of technology and the ways in which it provides a gateway to independence for people with disabilities.”

Starting from his childhood as an enthusiastic and engaging toddler, when his parents were confronted with the news of their son’s impending blindness, Scott draws on his life experiences to reveal the strength, intelligence and determination that helped him to overcome discrimination, break through barriers to attain a PhD, and achieve everyday goals and aspirations.

Through a relentlessly positive attitude that focuses on what he can do rather than what he can’t do, Scott describes how he learned to adapt and adjust, survive and thrive, and how his research and work in the field of digital accessibility enable him to help others to achieve their dreams.

“For people with disabilities, the pursuit of education, embracing the benefits of technology and finding a good job and partner in life can be challenging,” he says.

“But my story is not about what society should do to help a person with a disability – it’s about what a person with a disability can give back to a joyous, generous world.

“Outrunning the Night is a memoir with a purpose. It aims to support disadvantaged people, and the people supporting them.

“It’s not about reaching the pinnacle of sporting achievement or possessing a brilliant mind. Instead, it’s a celebration of life and its possibilities. It shows that making it in this world is not about climbing Everest, but about overcoming the little things to succeed in everyday life.”

Outrunning the Night: A life journey of disability, determination and joy, by Scott Hollier, is published by CreateSpace and available in print, electronic, audio and other formats at

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