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Greens wimp out on marijuana

Notwithstanding a media release that notes, among other things, that “the tide is turning on medical cannabis” and “more than a dozen countries and 20 states in the USA have legalised medicinal cannabis”, the Greens have introduced what can only be described as the most limp-wristed, watered down medical marijuana bill possible into the NSW Parliament.

Introducing a bill that would see medical cannabis only legalised for those suffering from a terminal illness, and then only if approved by the government with a note from their doctor, and then only for possession of a quantity of less than 15 grams, Greens MP John Kaye, apparently with a straight face, said: "It is time for policy driven by compassion and science, not hysteria and prejudice.”

If you suffer from a condition that leaves you in constant pain but won’t kill you, the Greens say you should simply deal with it.

If you have a young child with epilepsy whose seizures are reduced from 60 per day to fewer than half a dozen by using a (currently illegal) non-psychoactive tincture of cannabis, the Greens’ version of “compassion and science” would have your toddler put in danger of further neurological damage.

"The Greens are locked in an ongoing internal struggle to reconcile their inherent moralistic puritanism with a desire to appear hip and edgy enough to appeal to the inner-city urban elites that make up the bulk of their voting bloc," said Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats. 

"While they would like to give the impression they are the party of “compassion and science, not hysteria and prejudice”, their actions belie their true intentions. Despite ample evidence from around the world that medical cannabis can have remarkable benefits to the quality of life of many patients, not simply those suffering from a terminal illness, the Greens simply can’t get past the idea that somewhere out there, someone might take the opportunity to acquire cannabis legally and have a little fun with it - or worse (from the Greens point of view) make money with it.

"The proposed legislation makes no mention of the supply side. Presumably pot dealers will still be prosecuted, even if only selling to legal purchasers. The absurdity of the Greens’ conundrum is endless," he said.

The Liberal Democrats support the unqualified legalisation of cannabis for all medical, agricultural, industrial, culinary and yes, recreational purposes.

While recognising that no drug is without the potential for negative effects, we believe adults should be free to make their own choices as to what drugs they will and won’t take.

"To deny people a remedy that has been used extensively throughout history, has had its efficacy as a diuretic, anti-emetic, anti-convulsive, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-pyretic borne out by modern medicine on the basis that some people might also use the same drug to have a good time, is neither compassionate nor scientific," he concluded.


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