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The World's Best 'Speedcubers' Descend on Melbourne


Get your Rubik's ready - It's speedcubing time!

Made possible with the support of Rubik’s, speedcubers from around the world will gather in Melbourne in an extended weekend of puzzle solving and intense competition. The Speedcubing World Championships 2019 on 11-14 July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


This is the first time the speedcubing event has been held in Melbourne and we have some incredible media interview opportunities available bot before and also at the event, as outlined below.  


We have several activations and warm up events planned for Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne over the coming weeks including:

  • Live mural artworks by world famous cube artist Giovanni Contardi (9 - 12 July, Melbourne) - also available for phone/email interviews.
  • A world record attempt to be held underwater at Melbourne Aquarium (5 July, 10am).



Australian speed cubing talent available for interview before or during the event include:


Management interview opportunities include:

  • World Speed Cubing Association (WSCA)
  • Crown & Andrews Australia (Rubik's Australia)
  • Melbourne Convention Bureau


Please get in touch with Alice or Renae at The Atticism as soon as possible to secure your interviews and to submit any custom content requests.

For any media unable to attend the activations or the event, we have the experienced film and host crew from Triumph Leisure Solutions on hand to create content which can be distributed 'same day' in most instances.

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