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Alpha ESS Joins SA Home Battery Scheme: Partnership with Minda Disability Support Services

Alpha ESS Joins South Australian Home Battery Scheme:

Partnership with Minda Disability Support Services


Home battery manufacturer Alpha-ESS has today joined the South Australian Home Battery Scheme, with batteries available for immediate installation throughout the State.


Alpha-ESS will initially manufacture battery storage systems in South Australia in partnership with Minda Commercial Enterprises, later moving to a dedicated facility.


Only the second battery manufacturer included in the scheme, Alpha-ESS have been included in the priorityfirst nine-week release by the South Australian government as recognition for their long-term commitment to local content.


 “Alpha-ESS is very pleased to announce its initial manufacturing partnership with leading disability service provider Minda Incorporated”, Managing Director Dr Dong Lin said.


“This will provide ongoing work opportunities for South Australians with disability.” 


“This is a perfect fit with our commitment to world’s best social and environmental outcomes.”


“Minda Commercial Enterprises will also handle recycling of packaging as well as electronics and batteries at end of life and we will use Minda Commercial Enterprises’ extensive warehousing, logistics and dispatch services”.


Since 2012 Alpha-ESS has been manufacturing all-in-one battery systems, with our own inverter and batteries, covered by a single product warranty.


“We have installed over 10,000 systems in over 30 countries around the world.”


“With batteries ranging in size from 3 kilowatt hours, to 35 kilowatt hours, we have proven, very cost competitive batteries for every situation.”


“South Australia is leading the world with its home battery program”.  


“Although we have been in Australia since early 2015, and have installed thousands of units rights across the country, we knew we needed to have a manufacturing base in SA”.


“We are committed to providing SA with batteries that slash power bills, help the environment, and do good for the community”.


For more details about the South Australian Home Battery Scheme visit:



For Media Comment – contact Dr Dong Lin on 0412 953 647.


John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, is available for comment on 0400 102 396



About Alpha ESS


Alpha-ESS is a multinational company, committed to revolutionise the future of energy with our patented German technologies.


With offices in Germany, Italy, Australia and China, our products are accredited by IEC, TUV, CEC and many other international standards.


All Alpha-ESS energy systems are integrated with smart energy management solutions.


About Minda


Established in 1898, Minda is the largest non-government disability support organisation in South Australia. The organisation assists people with disability to thrive in their local environments as valued members of their communities by offering residential and lifestyle services, employment and respite support. 


Minda is a major employer of around 2,000 people, with 420 supported workers across its highly successful range of commercial