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Why we need NEG to work from one of Australia's leaders on renewable energy

Expert views about why we need the NEG to work from one of Australia’s leading solar and renewable research institutions -

UNSW Sydney Dean of Engineering, Professor Mark Hoffman - UNSW is a world leader in solar photovoltaic research and applications having developed several major breakthrough discoveries.

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Commentary highlights from Professor Hoffman:

  • As someone involved with the teams responsible for the development of the technology found in much of the world's solar panels and who believes in the potential of this energy source, I consider this new national energy policy represents an opportunity only if it ensures a basis for pursing the most effective generation for our needs, agnostic to the specific technology.
  • The energy ministers at the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council must lead the agreement of a national framework with a clear strategy for renewables as we transition away from high polluting energy forms.
  • The power blackouts around Adelaide in September 2016 brought into sharp focus the need for Australian cities to have a reliable supply of power where multiple sources of energy are well managed to ensure continuity.
  • The other big issue around energy is the price increases consumers and businesses have been paying in recent years. The real opportunity for our energy supply is solar because the cost of solar has been dramatically dropping.
  • Of course, Australia's conventional power infrastructure will need to continue to be part of the energy mix for the next two to three decades as we work to diversify our supply sources, reduce prices and reduce emissions to help slow climate change.
  • Let's create a system that reduces emissions, embraces low cost renewables, encourages investment and enables a "smart" grid to shift power to when and where it is needed so it is affordable and reliable using our world leading technologies.
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