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Dutyof.Care Launches World's First Blockchain Accreditation Platform To Protect Aged, Children, Disabled

MELBOURNE, Australia, Apr. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-"Reduces compliance staff time and costs associated with accreditation management and reporting by more than 50%".

BlueBikeHoldings is launching VDOC--a token sale to fund further development of the Blockchain-based accreditation and verification platform.

The initial contribution period is now open with a 40% discount available before the 23rd of April, 2018.

There is an opportunity to pro-actively contribute to protecting vulnerable people. Stale or invalid accreditations are a major problem for the 1/4 of the world's workforce in service organisations--research suggesting up to 25% of records may be invalid.

Announcing the innovative accreditation and verification platform secured by Blockchain solves the problem of accurately verifying accreditation, whilst reducing time and costs associated with accreditation management and reporting by more than 50%. The platform is already in beta across education, disability, sporting, faith-based and other community organisations.

Luke Benson,'s product lead, said, "We have a unique, proven solution, providing a means to validate accreditations simply, and (in time) across the globe. The world needs this now!"

"Our innovative use of Blockchain technology provides certainty to organisations and governments. We protect not just vulnerable people but also Boards, CEOs, and executives from criminal charges arising from failure to adopt rigorous new legal standards."

Demand for joining the beta program has been strong, with a queue awaiting public release.

In contrast to all other verification methods, uses a decentralised ledger called the Blockchain to provide security, certainty, and immutability of verification events. More broadly the platform contributes directly to cost control for organisations managing their compliance.

VDOC Tokens powering development

The utility token is called VDOC. Currently ranked #1 on the Noble ICO ethical investment rankings,'s VDOC token sale provides the collateral for the further development of the platform.

As a usage-based platform, each verification performed on attracts a fee. As more organisations use, the value of VDOC will increase due to the expansion of subscription revenue generated.

Join in the Token Sale

Register on the VDOC website ( to participate.

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