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Naughties and pash rash: A (language) lover's guide to love St. Valentine's Day

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Naughties and pash rash: A (language) lover’s guide to love St. Valentine’s Day

Australian are all class when it comes to the language of love.

Monash University linguistics expert Howie Manns reckons Aussie English has some of the best words for what we do between the sheets.


Whether it’s ‘having a naughty’, suffering from ‘pash rash’ or emerging dishevelled from the local bad boy’s ‘root ute’ Australians are a descriptive lot when it comes to the act of love.


We also know how to keep out of trouble. Aussies are careful about ‘getting off at Redfern’ or ‘taking a ticket to Coburg but getting off at Brunswick’, unlike some of our Kiwi brethren.


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