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Media Alert - Sorry, but not much has changed in 10 years

Media Alert - Sorry, but not much has changed in 10 years


The national apology to Australia’s Indigenous people stands as a momentous, but ultimately futile, gesture says Professor Lynette Russell, Director of the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre.


It was a watershed moment, filled with potential and promises that the future would be better, but in the decade since then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd rose to speak, how much has really changed?


“Despite the well-meaning intentions, Indigenous people continue to be over-represented in the criminal-justice system and underrepresented in academia, government, health and medicine, media and more,” says Professor Russell.


“The "close the gap" campaign designed to reduce Indigenous mortality and improve overall life expectancy has not succeeded. Late last year the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare issued a report that observed that the mortality and life expectancy gaps are actually widening.”


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