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Agents of Change Gathering


Monday 9th January 2018

Agents of Change gather to train in Tasmania.

Under the guise of a festival, the organisers of Newkind 2.0 are gathering thought leaders, educators and activists from around the world for a 'post-human boot camp'. Assembling inspirational speakers, neuroscientists, economists and physical trainers, to inspire and empower a lifestyle of effective activism.


Pulling no punches, event director and social animator Erfan Daliri says “When the incompetence of governance continues to find new lows, it's inevitable that socially aware and ethically minded leadership will organically sprout.” He continues “Newkind is a capacity building exercise designed to equip activists with the tools they need to implement systemic change in society”.


Newkind is run as a vegan, solar-powered, zero-packaging event with a straightedge policy. Over 5 days, participants will attend everything from meditation and physical training sessions to lectures on disruptive economic models, gender equality and mental health. Workshops include permaculture, street activism, bushcraft, early childhood education and green architecture.


One of the event highlights will be the founders of Anonymous for the Voiceless, Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari, being joined by internationally renowned animal rights activists James Aspey and Joey Carbstrong, on a discussion panel focused on better preparing and supporting activism.


Indigenous leaders and cultural influencers Ruth Langford (TAS) and Boori Monty Pryor (VIC), will be joined by VR developer Joel de Ross (VIC) and and founder of the Mindfulness Academy for Children, Tenille Bentley(WA). International guests include international chef Simon Jongenotter (Bali), and NASA scientist Kelly Snook (UK)

Even the music line-up is imbued with a call to action with the likes of Viking N3, Hugo & Treats, Khal Wallis, Alice Night, Rat Child and Sian Cross all using their art to inspire social change and activism.


Mr Daliri says “Eventually you see through the divisive politics that are failing us all, and you realise that self-betterment and self-initiated social change is the only thing that actually ever made any difference”. He goes on to say “It is the people that need to change in order for society to change, and that’s what we’re facilitating at Newkind.”


This event, though small in scale compared to other Australian gatherings, with an attendance of 500 participants in 2017, still had a global online reach of over 2.5 million impressions across its platforms in its first year. 

March 2018 will mark the second iteration of this annual event.


The event director Erfan Daliri is available for interview by appointment and requests should be sent to Pepper


Further details are available at and for urgent enquires please call Rogue on 0475 887 937