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EXPERT COMMENT: Monash Arts academics on the impact of same-sex marriage results

Hi there,

After completing a voluntary, non-binding postal vote on marriage reform in September, Australians will find out at 10am today if we have voted 'yes' or 'no' to same sex marriage in Australia. 

As part of the ongoing conversations around this topic and what happens from here, Monash University Faculty of Arts academics Dr James Roffee, political philosophy lecturer John Thrasher and Associate Professor Jo Lindsay are available for expert comment. 

Having established research on LGBTIQ experiences of victimisation and the impacts of internalised homophobic, biphobic and transphobic incidents, Dr Roffee can provide expert comment on:

  • LGBTIQ hate-violence and its socio-economic and political impacts
  • Sentencing and policy
  • Accountability and political decision-making

Dr James Roffee is currently in Philadelphia (US) and available for over-the-phone interviews from 9am - 12pm.

Specialising in political philosophy, normative ethics, and decision theory, with research focusing on the relation of practical rationality to social rules and the way those rules are organised into systems of norms and institutions, John Thrasher can provide comment on:

  • The role of changing social norms in shaping social and political life
  • The relationship of "representation" between popular will and their elected representatives

John is currently located in Sydney and available from 9am onwards. 

Specialising in the sociology of families, consumption and the environment, Associate Professor Jo Lindsay can provide expert comment on:

  • Contemporary families and family diversity (co-author of Families, Relationships and Intimate Life, Oxford Uni Press).
Jo is located in Melbourne and is available from 9am onwards. 

For more information or for assistance arranging interviews, please contact:

Tess Yodgee
03 9696 6417 or 0432 904 899
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