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12 S        12 September 2017


The response times for NSW Ambulance are still not good enough.


The Australian Paramedics Association (NSW) says that while the NSW Government is content to say response times are adequate and have remained stable, we still have among of the worst ambulance response rates in Australia. (ref. 2017 Federal Productivity Commission Report Into Government Services.)


“It is vital to have ambulance crews arriving on the scene as quickly as possible, ideally within 10 minutes,” said APA Secretary Steve Pearce.


“We can do better in NSW and save more lives if we had enough paramedics to meet the ever-increasing demand,” Mr Pearce said.


The longer it takes to get to an emergency, the less chance the treatment paramedics give a patient will count towards a good outcome.


“Paramedics are being forced to manage too many patients who have been left waiting for too long and their condition has deteriorated to a point where the situation is life threatening.”


“Their loved ones are in a highly emotional state and have to be managed on the scene as well. That’s because there aren’t enough paramedics on the job.”


This is the scenario that our paramedics are facing all too often.


Mr Peacre said today’s figures from the Bureau of Health Information don’t tell that story but our paramedics are feeling the brunt of it on a daily basis.


“We need at least 500 more paramedics just to meet the growing demand,” her said.


The evidence is all around us every day that NSW Ambulance cannot meet the workload with current numbers.


“The number of paramedics on the ground is setting the system up to fail and the people of NSW deserve better.”


“If the Premier, the Treasurer and the Health Minister could see what delays mean in these life and death situations, they wouldn’t be penny pinching on paramedic numbers.”


“The toll in lives lost is a direct result of the funding shortfall and the unwillingness of Government to listen.”


“We need a Government with the political will to face up to this problem and act quickly.”


“We are told the state has no debt and is operating under a surplus, so now is the time for the government to demonstrate a willingness to save more lives.”


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APA Secretary Steve Pearce is a full-time front line paramedic. The APA (NSW) has among its membership, the vast majority of paramedics working for NSW Ambulance.