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Global Publisher and Adaptive Learning Pioneer Team up to Transform Traditional Classroom Learning into an Award-Winning eLearning Experience for Students

Global Publisher and Adaptive Learning Pioneer Team up to Transform Traditional Classroom Learning into an Award-Winning eLearning Experience for Students

Powered by a partnership between Cengage and Smart Sparrow, a new digital learning solution provides students with adaptive, personalised learning content, accessible anytime, anywhere.


Cengage, an education and technology company, has partnered with learning design platform Smart Sparrow to transform its Corporate Finance content into a more modern and engaging learning experience for today’s digital-native students.


The new accompanying eLearning solution, Study Smart, was first designed and piloted in partnership with the University of New South Wales Business School, which wanted to take the textbook online to serve a growing number of working and remote students.


“Using Smart Sparrow's Adaptive Learning approach to develop Cengage's Study Smart program has worked wonderfully for UNSW at two levels: I really liked the online learning package that was produced to help our readers and students, to underpin the detailed contents of the [Corporate Finance] text by highlighting key topics and then allowing students to practise (endlessly!) on relevant problems (...) for me as both a teacher and a product developer, developing this type of learning support has been an engaging and rewarding process.” said Professor Christopher Adam at UNSW Sydney Business School.


To redesign teaching from using a traditional textbook to delivering lessons via digital instruction, Cengage worked with Smart Sparrow’s Learning Design Studio to create a 10-lesson learning solution, which allows both instructors and learners to track mastery of learning objectives. Students learn by doing, through real-world simulations, interactive widgets, and gamified lessons, all adapted to challenge each individual and deliver instant feedback. With this new way to learn, students have more autonomy over their education; they’re able to quickly progress through concepts they prove they understand and revisit more challenging topics, saving time. 


“Our collaboration with UNSW and Cengage reflects a shift in learning. Publishers, technology companies, and universities are coming together to design online learning experiences that tap the best of content, pedagogy, and technology,” said Dror Ben-Naim, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Smart Sparrow. “Students today expect their course materials to not only be digital, but more tailored to their own learning needs. We’re excited to partner with innovators like Cengage to provide exceptional learning experiences.”


Study Smart was awarded 1st place in the 2016 LearnX Impact Awards in the Best eLearning Design: Shift-it-Online category, for the outstanding transformation and redesign of an existing, traditional training project into a fully online learning experience.


“In creating Study Smart, it was important to reinforce and deepen the learning experience for students,” said Margo Griffith at Cengage. “Focusing on learning by doing truly helps build retention as well as engagement. Cengage is investing in worldwide initiatives around emerging technologies, and the partnership with Smart Sparrow is delivering what both learners and instructors need in corporate finance."


Study Smart has been piloted at the University of New South Wales, and will be available to institutions globally on the Cengage MindTap platform by early 2018. The learning solution will be presented at the 2017 Learning Innovation Summit on July 21st in Melbourne. 




About Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is a learning design platform for next-generation courseware. It allows any educator to create amazingly engaging and adaptive learning experiences and then continuously improve them using learner analytics. Students are better supported and more motivated to succeed. Smart Sparrow believes in designing tools that support great teaching, and put faculty first to unlock the potential of adaptive learning.


About Cengage

Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. Confident students are successful learners, so we design tools that keep them moving toward their goals. Cengage is pleased to work in partnership with Smart Sparrow to create Smart Study.


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