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Coffee aficionados set to be spoilt by Merlo

Coffee aficionados set to be spoilt by Merlo


Special coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia and Rwanda feature in Bean of the Month program


Coffee aficionados are in for some very special flavours over the next few months, with Merlo brewing the Guatemalan San Miguel from the San Marco region as their February Bean of the Month, to be followed by Colombia Las Brisas, Indonesia Blue Roca and Rwanda Gihombo.


“As Australia’s love affair with coffee continues to grow, our Bean of the Month program provides coffee lovers with the opportunity to try unique and rare coffees from around the world,” said Dean Merlo.


“Our cupping panel meets weekly to taste and select the best coffees from around the world to feature in our Bean of the Month program. It’s exciting for us as we’re able to feature harvests from smaller farmers and shine the light on different coffees and coffee growing communities from around the world. Every coffee has a backstory! Supporting these individual farmers and co-operatives is one of the pillars of the program.”


The Bean of the Month is available at all Merlo owned stores with customers able to try their regular coffee on the featured bean for no extra cost. Coffee to take home starts at $11.25 for 200g. The Bean of the Month often sells out as they are smaller lots, so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!


FEBRUARY Guatemala San Miguel

The February Bean of the Month is from the highlands of San Marcos, the warmest of all eight coffee growing regions in Guatemala. The lot is comprised of a co-operative of small farmers in the San Miguel Ixtahuacán municipality, a remote, rugged region where the farmers process their coffee cherries as they’re harvested using their own small wet mills. Guatemala San Miguel has a lively sweetness with aromas of spice and pomegranate, chocolate and cherry flavours and the crisp, clean finish reminiscent of ripe juicy pear.


MARCH Colombia Las Brisas

Hailing from the municipality of Rioblanco in the southwest tip of Colombia’s Tolima department, Las Brisas is the work of nine farming families. Each farmer works a 3-4 hectare plot where the coffee is grown in amongst crops of plantain, guava and walnut. Las Brisas is intensely aromatic, the dry ground coffee releasing a fragrance of brown sugar and sweet florals. A deeply sweet coffee, with flavour notes of caramel, vanilla and nougat, Las Brisas is medium bodied, with a creamy mouthfeel.


APRIL Indonesia Blue Roca

Coffee has been grown in Indonesia since the early 17th century. The “blue” in the name comes from the bluish cast of the unroasted “green” coffee beans. This is a calling card of Indonesian coffee, along with the processing technique called giling basah or wet-hulling which creates the earthy flavours for which Indonesian coffee is renowned. Blue Roca is grown in Onan Ganjang, a plateau in the highlands just south of the volcanic crater lake Laut Toba in North Sumatra. Volcanic soil is perfect for coffee cultivation and the Blue Roca is rich and brightly flavoured with notes of sweet berries, citrus and grapefruit.






MAY Rwanda Gihombo

An exceptional coffee with flavour notes of raspberry, honey and caramel, Gihombo is grown in the Nyamasheke district in the Western Province of Rwanda. The high altitudes, volcanic soil and temperate climate combine to produce a cup with creamy body, clean sweetness and a lingering finish. There are around 400, 000 small scale coffee farmers growing coffee in Rwanda today, with each caring for around 175 coffee trees. This coffee is a collective effort from several of these small farms, who come together to process their coffee at a shared processing mill.



Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roaster, Merlo is Queensland-headquartered and Italian-born, famed for its commitment to freshly roasted espresso coffee. While Merlo’s name grows in its geographical spread, its roots are found in an unerring commitment to authenticity and flavour by way of a classic Queensland family tale.  It began with Founder Dean Merlo’s father immigrating to Australia from Italy in 1958 bringing with him Queensland’s first espresso coffee machine to be used in his soon to become famous Milano’s restaurant.  In doing so, he single-handedly kicked off Queensland’s coffee revolution. Working part-time in the restaurant gave Dean the foundations for his true Italian-bred passion for customer service that today is a cornerstone of the Merlo Coffee experience. Graced with coffee in his DNA, in the years that followed Dean made a monumental leap from barrister to barista to roaster, and the rest is history, delicious rich, coffee history.


Merlo now owns and operates 16 of its own cafes in addition to supplying a freshly roasted coffee to over 1,000 cafes and restaurants around the country. Merlo also ships coffee online to customers throughout Australia and overseas.


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