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ASMI addresses 4 Corners concerns about advertising claims for complementary medicines

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today addressed concerns raised in a 4 Corners report on complementary medicines that the huge growth of the complementary medicines markets and its move into the mainstream has resulted in some companies overreaching in their marketing claims.

ASMI advocates for minimum effective regulation that will maintain consumer confidence as well as responsible access to medicines. ASMI supports measures that build evidence for complementary medicines and help increase compliance to regulations. Therefore, ASMI welcomes and support the regulatory reforms proposed in the recent Medicines and Medical Devices Review (MMDR).

As complementary medicines move further into the mainstream and the range of brands and products proliferates, ASMI acknowledges that the TGA has had to raise the bar on compliance measures. However, one recommendation calls for the abolition of the pre-approval of advertising of non-prescription medicines to consumers.

ASMI CEO Deon Schoombie, says: “The MMDR review recommends alternative measures to advertising pre-approvals to improve compliance, but ASMI believes it would be sensible to see how effective these measures are in practice before abolishing the current system, which we believe is an important compliance measure.”


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