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Dress Circle Emporium

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Company: Dress Circle Emporium                                         For release 10th January 2017



Company Address: Shop 35 - Broadway Fair 88 Broadway Nedlands WA 6009

Contact Information: 08 9386 7408

Contact Person: Keith MacLennan

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Being open to resourceful and creative ways to spend conservatively, savvy consumers have caught the re-sale bug.    Re-sale (or recycled) is the natural choice offering the best of both worlds... You chance to SHOP and to SAVE at Dress Circle Emporium!      

In what has now been almost a decade of uncertain economic times, consumers have adopted a more cautious approach to spending.  Cash and credit constrained shoppers  
have turned their backs on frivolous spending and their focus has turned to a new retail ethic:  A demand for value for money.

For those who consign their unwanted (often current season) fashion garments and accessories with Dress Circle Emporium, there is a financial incentive and in the current economic climate we are seeing a new demographic. People who previously gave away high end clothing are joining the existing brigade of consigners and discovering the thrill of turning their 'no longer needed' fashion garments and accessories into CASH!

Those visiting Dress Circle Emporium for the first time are delighted with the variety and high quality of merchandise.  The concept of being able to dress in current, high quality fashion labels at a fraction of the original cost makes sense; as does that of selling unwanted garments for cash.  This undeniable truth is pretty compelling, and it is likely that when the economy improves, Dress Circle Emporium will remain part of their preferred shopping experience.

"Guilt-free” shopping in the quest for higher quality for less money, the lure of finding something distinctive, the 'thrill of the hunt' and the excitement of a good buy are just a few things that allure the savvy shopper.
Absolutely guilt free when you can buy in superb condition one of the world’s most expensive men’s suit, a Kiton for $499, a Gucci leather cross body bag for $299, a Scanlan &
Theodore dress for $75 or a Carla Zampatti dress for $120. It’s like like buying $100 notes for $10.

We at Dress Circle Emporium are dedicated to featuring only the latest and newest designer garments.  With fresh items arriving daily you never know what you will find when you shop at Dress Circle Emporium.

We offer personalized service generally not found in the large department and discount stores. Our clients enjoy browsing, chatting and even modelling clothes for all to see.  People LOVE value for their dollar and whether or not they make a purchase, they are hardly out our doors, before they are planning their return visit!

Dress Circle Emporium is a long established, high end iconic designer fashion consignment house for men and women located in Broadway Fair Shopping Centre, 88 Broadway Nedlands WA 6009.