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Press Release Distribution

Distribute your text-only or text and image release right to the inbox of thousands of media contacts and lists. Australia’s most reputable and relied on source for press release distribution.

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  • In-built press release template to enhance your send
  • An easy to use, 6 step process to have your release in front of news-hungry journalists
  • Provide journalists with instant access to multimedia assets alongside your release – 91% of journalists use multimedia in their stories and are more likely to use a news release that has assets attached

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Multimedia News Release

Using multimedia is one of the most effective ways of making sure your message cuts through. Journalists love images, videos and additional resources that provide multiple angles and add depth to a story.

Why use a Multimedia News Release (MNR) for your message?

  • Easy and Versatile: Using multimedia gives journalists all the content they require in one easy-to-use, industry standard format, allowing web, broadcast and print journalists to insert content directly into their stories.
  • Hosting and Shareability: Your MNR is hosted on a dedicated and mobile responsive landing page for you to share. It’s like a mini website for your release.
  • Professional standards: Our specialised Client Services team build your MNR for you, giving you time to focus on creating compelling messages.
  • Exposure: Additional distribution via the AAP Newswire, ImageWire, Medianet for Journalists, Medianet’s Major Metro and Regional Media lists plus social media posts gets your MNR in front of thousands of journalists across Australia, providing invaluable exposure for your release.

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MNR on iMac and phone

Audio News Release

Audio news releases suit broadcast media such as radio stations. Let the world hear your voice by enriching your press release with radio-ready audio grabs. Medianet offers you the ability to:

  • Utilise a simple recording process that lets you create audio grabs in minutes. No need for audio equipment, just call, record and save
  • Manage and include ready-to-publish audio grabs in your press release for use on the web/radio
  • Save and store all your grabs in one place for easy access when you need them

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