Platform release notes

In this article, you'll find a constantly growing list of some of our most impactful new features and enhancements.

Contacts Database release 6.14 (15th September 2023)
  • Threads profiles added to Contacts and Outlets (1903 unique Threads handles added across 3018 profiles)
  • Social icons on profile pages more prominent and in colour
  • Ability for journalists to add or update their Threads handle through their Medianet for Journalists login
  • Contact and Outlet Thread handles added to export column options
  • Outlet website more prominent on outlet information 
  • Twitter icon updated to X. Written references to Twitter remain as Twitter rather than X.  
  • Snapchat handles retired
Platform release 2.3 (21st August 2023)
  • Additional 11 News Corp websites added to Website Syndication and links included in the Syndication report
  • Press release builder drawers open wider by default
  • Target Audience lists names truncate to better see the remove icon
  • Opt out added for Medianet for Journalists (MNJ) within Expanded Audience
  • Email reporting enhancement - click through to Contact Database profiles (available on subscription plans)
Platform release 2.2 (20th July 2023)
  • Addition of the Knowledge Centre link in platform menu
  • 'Help' link added to the Press Release Distribution landing page
  • Header and footer images removed from downloadable links in email sends. Retained as embedded header and footer images.
  • Small bug fix on Platform Analytics page
  • Backend config setting change for quotas from UTC time
  • DNS endpoint update