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How do I set up Ad-Driven Distribution?

Medianet has partnered with iCrowdNewswire to offer a new way to distribute your press releases outside traditional channels to boost your reach and get guaranteed views and clicks.


Expand the reach of your story by turning it into digital display banners and social media ads.

The ad will allow viewers to click through to your press release, whether on your own site or ours. You can also direct viewers to any nominated site, such as a campaign site or a sign-up page.

Target up to five Australian media websites of your choice and get a guaranteed 50,000 impressions and 50 clicks.

Your release will also be distributed via Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn based on your targeting selections.*


To boost your release:

  1. Click on Ad Driven Distribution from the main menu OR Create Ads from within the Press Release Builder when setting up your release. 
    Introducing Pickup Tracker-1
  2. Enter the Headline of your press release. Please ensure the headline is the same as it appears in your press release on the Medianet platform. 
  3. Select the Start Date and Time for your Ad-Driven Distribution campaign. The start date can be any time within 7 days of your release being distributed by Medianet. Note: Please allow at least 8 hours for your campaign to activate. Activation occurs once the release URL is verified and the ad creative is approved.
  4. Specify the Destination Link. This is the webpage URL where you would like to direct traffic when your ad is clicked on. If a URL is not entered or not compliant, ad clicks will be directed to your press release on Medianet’s website. 
  5. Five target major media websites have been preselected for you by default, however, you can browse for and select up to five Target Publications of your choice for your ad campaign. To select a specific sub-section, click on the downward arrow next to the publication’s name to reveal the options. You can also browse for target publications by industry.  

  6. You can further refine your target audience with Geographical Targeting options such as countries, states or cities, as well as Demographic Targeting such as age and gender.
  7. Upload your own Ad Creative or let us create it for you. If you don’t have any existing ad creative available, we will find a suitable visual and use your press release headline and logo to build all required variations for your ad campaign. See examples here. If your press release includes images, these will be used in the first instance. When no images are available on the press release, we will source stock images to best match your release. Please allow a minimum of 12 hours for the initial ad creative build. 
  8. Once all mandatory fields are completed, click Save to confirm. You can then proceed with submitting your press release. 
A comprehensive analytics report will be sent to you within 10 business days after the campaign's conclusion, which is included in the price. 

The cost of this value-added service is $250 + GST per campaign for a guaranteed 50,000 impressions and 50 clicks. Ad-Driven Distribution is only available for press releases distributed via Medianet.



*Please note that in order to include your ad on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, all Ad-driven Distribution orders must adhere to the compliance guidelines.