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How does the ‘Writes About’ section enhance journalists' profiles?

Alongside the subjects listed on a contact's profile indicating their preferred press release topics, a newly added "Writes About" section now reveals the most frequent keywords used in the journalists' articles, providing deeper insights.

Medianet's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance the quality and relevance of data in our Contacts Database is exemplified by the introduction of the 'Writes About' section, providing users with insights into journalists' interests. This enhancement represents a significant step in enriching contact profiles, providing users with deeper insights into the interests and focus areas of journalists listed on the Contacts Database for more informed media engagement and fostering stronger relationships.

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), a form of AI technology similar to the capabilities of programs like ChatGPT, this feature analyses journalistic content and succinctly summarises the most utilised keywords over the past three months.

These keywords, referred to as Named Entity Recognition (NER) tags, are categorised into three main groups:

  1. Organisations: Names of companies, institutions, or entities (e.g., Optus).
  2. Locations: Geographic places or regions (e.g., Brisbane).
  3. People: Individuals mentioned in the articles (e.g., Penny Wong).

By integrating this advanced functionality into the Medianet platform, users gain access to a comprehensive overview of the topics journalists are actively covering. The inclusion of NER tags in journalist profiles empowers users to discern the specific subjects that resonate most with individual journalists beyond their specified press release preferences.

For instance, a journalist who has indicated 'sport' as their subject of interest for press releases may now also reveal a heightened focus on 'Sam Kerr' and 'Caitlin Foord,' indicating a particular interest in writing about soccer or coverage of the Matildas.



Furthermore, to ensure the utmost timeliness and relevance, these tags are updated monthly, providing users with an accurate snapshot of the topics journalists are actively reporting on.

In essence, the introduction of the "Writes About" section represents a significant stride forward in enriching the depth of journalist profiles on the Contacts Database. By harnessing the power of AI-driven NLP technology, Medianet continues to empower users with deeper insights, facilitating more informed media engagement strategies and fostering stronger journalist relationships.