What is My Insights?

My Insights is your central hub for Medianet reports. This platform update is designed to streamline your experience by consolidating all your Medianet Insights reports into one convenient location.

My Insights is a new menu tab on the Medianet platform where you can easily access all your reports. Whether you are accessing the Media Activity Report that may be included in your Pro or Enterprise subscription plan or the comprehensive insights report included in your Insightsᐩ plan, you will find everything in one centralised place.

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to seamlessly integrate our PR solutions to improve your workflows. 


My Insights Intro GIF


Visit our website for more details about Medianet Insights and to explore the world of media analysis and reports to track your reputation, review your campaign performance, benchmark your activity or explore the competitor landscape. Or, take it a step further with fully bespoke and custom reports to meet your own individual needs.

If you would like to add any bespoke reports you have received from Medianet Insights to your My Insights platform page, please contact us.