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Ad-driven distribution compliance guidelines

Medianet has partnered with iCrowdNewswire (iCN) to offer a new way of distributing your press release outside of the traditional channels to boost your reach. In order to include your ad on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, all Ad-driven Distribution orders must adhere to the compliance guidelines.

As part of iCN’s compliance check, the press release content and landing page (link destination, including your organisation’s website) will be reviewed for words that may be flagged by the ad platforms. 

In the case where there are words related to the non-compliant topics and categories, the press release and/or landing page would have to be changed to ensure the ad campaigns can run safely. 

It is important to note that the ad platforms also consider the context and the taste of the content to make their assessments, so in a scenario where a word like “political” is mentioned in a financial-related release, that would not be a problem.

In the case where a major proportion of the press release is about a topic or category that is non-compliant, iCN may reject the order.


Non-compliant Topics & Categories:

Please note that words relating to or belonging to these topics and categories are also to be considered.

  1. Discriminatory Content
  2. Fraud and Deception
  3. Trademark Infringement
  4. Copyright Infringement
  5. Alcohol and Drugs
  6. Weapons and Ammunition
  7. Adult Content
  8. Gambling
  9. Cryptocurrency
  10. Diseases and Medical Procedures
  11. Political Content
  12. Social Issues
  13. Hacking, Phishing, and Malicious Software
  14. Dating Services
  15. Animal Products