Can I set up templates for my press releases?

Medianet enables you to work more efficiently by saving you time with our press release duplication feature, which you can use to create templates, ready for you to use whenever you need!

You can now duplicate any draft or held releases, as well as any previously sent press releases on the Medianet platform. This functionality creates an exact copy, which can then be used as a template and updated easily to create a new release without having to build it completely from scratch, saving you time - particularly if you regularly use the same key elements in your press releases. 


Simply click on the Duplicate icon next to the release you wish to copy, and then click ‘Duplicate’ to confirm. This will create an exact copy of the release under ‘Drafts’. 

Click on the pencil icon to Edit the draft release from there. 

Please ensure you carefully review and update all necessary components of your press release before clicking submit, as duplicating a release will copy everything including body content, targeted audience selections and scheduling settings.