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How do I view my press release analytics report?

You can view records of your sent press releases along with individual distribution reports to help you analyse the performance of your PR campaigns all in one place. 

You’ll find all your distributed press releases on your homepage under ‘Sent’. Click on the chart icon to view Press Release Analytics.


Medianet's platform provides detailed email engagement analytics on distributed press releases. After you've sent your release, you can start tracking results, including email open rates, click rates and engagement of individual contacts. 

Subscribers with access to the Contacts Database will be able to click through to the recipient's outlet or contact profile to help make your follow-up process more efficient. This applies to recipients added via a Medianet list and your own saved list, including private records.



See which contacts from your campaign are most engaged based on the following statistics.


  • Delivered - Press release has been successfully delivered to the email address.
  • Sending - Attempted send in progress. Medianet will attempt to send the press release for up to 24 hours.
  • Failed - Attempted to send press release, but was not successful in reaching the destination. The email could be invalid, the recipient’s inbox is full or has rejected the message.

*Note: Some mail servers may open an email automatically. Clicks may also be registered by a mail server scanning links in an email. 



Unique opens measure how many people opened your email. If a single recipient opens your email twice, it will be reflected as one unique open, but two total opens. 

Open rate, on the other hand, is the percentage of people who have opened the email at least once out of the total number of recipients of your release. 

Open rates give you a good sense of the overall engagement with a specific email campaign and show whether your headlines are encouraging enough for the recipients to open the email to read more.



Unique clicks measure how many people engaged with your email by clicking on a link. Similar to opens, unique clicks are counted as only one per recipient while total clicks may include several engagements from a single recipient. 

Click rate is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email out of the total number of recipients of your release.

Clicks are important because they help you measure how effective your email campaigns are when it comes to convincing the email recipients to take action (i.e. visit a website or download a file from a link).


You can export and download the results data as a CSV file by clicking the ‘Export’ button at the top-right corner of the page. This will enable you to sort or filter the data as necessary.


Clicking on the 'Media Pickup' tab on the press release results page takes you to the Pickup Tracker, a feature designed to revolutionise the way you measure the success of your press releases. Utilising advanced AI technology, this feature scans over 2,000 Australian media websites to detect where your press release has been picked up within 12 hours of distribution.