What does the ‘Writes About’ section mean on the Contacts Database?

Medianet's Contacts Database 'Writes About' section on contact profiles leverages AI to analyse journalists' articles and highlight their most frequent keywords.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) tags categorise these keywords into Organisations, Locations, and People, providing users with insights beyond journalists' preferred press release topics. Updated monthly, this feature offers timely and relevant snapshots of journalists' coverage areas, enhancing media engagement strategies and relationships.

For instance, a journalist who has indicated 'sport' as their subject of interest for press releases may now also reveal a heightened focus on 'Sam Kerr' and 'Caitlin Foord,' indicating a particular interest in writing about soccer or coverage of the Matildas.



By integrating this advanced functionality into our platform, users gain access to a comprehensive overview of the topics journalists are actively reporting on. This empowers users to discern the specific subjects that resonate most with individual journalists beyond their specified press release preferences.