How do I upload my own media contacts?

Our contacts upload feature allows you to add private records in bulk to save you time.

As a subscriber, you can upload and distribute to a list of contacts that are privately owned by your organisation. Once uploaded, these records will appear in the Contacts Database as private records and can not be viewed or updated by Medianet, and will only be visible to others within your own organisation. Including your own data allows you to combine your private contacts and outlets with Medianet records.

To bulk upload your own list:

  1. From the Contacts Database, click on 'Saved Lists' from the navigation bar, then 'Upload own list'
  2. Upload your list in CSV format using this template. By uploading a list, you acknowledge the recipients in the list have given you their permission to send them communication.
  3. You can choose to create a new list or replace an existing one. Enter the group and name of the list you would like to save it under, then click 'Save'


To add private records individually:

  1. From the Contacts Database, click on 'Private Records' from the navigation bar 
  2. Click on 'Add Private Outlet' or 'Add Private Contact' 
  3. Complete the data fields for the private record and click 'Save'

To edit or delete a private record, simply click on the pencil or bin icon next to the record you wish to apply this to. 


To add a private record to a list, click on the outlet or contact you wish to apply this to and then click on 'Add to List' where you'll then have the option to save the record in a new or existing list. 


By default, Medianet will include your private records in any search results. To exclude private records from a search or to search within only your own private records, simply go to 'Advanced Search' and in the 'Exclusion' section at the bottom of the page, select either 'Only Medianet data records' or the 'Only my private records' option. Private records are maintained by users and are not accessible to other organisations or Medianet.