How do I search the Contacts Database?

Save time on finding the right media contacts for your story with a brand new interface. With Medianet’s Contacts Database, you can easily search for journalists and outlets to create your own targeted audiences.

Access to Medianet’s Contacts Database:

Available on our Starter, Pro, Enterprise or Insights+ subscription plans, contacts found in the database can be saved as lists and then used for press release distribution purposes.

Access all of Medianet’s data-rich journalist and news outlet bios, pitching profiles and media lists with one login. Simply click on ‘Contacts Database’ from the homepage menu to start building your custom lists.


Quick search:

A quick search is the fastest and easiest way to build a media list. Select whether you are looking for contacts, outlets, or both.



Utilise the keyword search to find contacts and outlets by their name, and it can also be used to search specific terms. The keyword field uses an auto-suggest prompt, making searching for targeted individuals and organisations easy. Select a record from the drop-down suggestions to return an exact match result.


You can refine your search by location, position, media type and subject

The search results page will display the records that match your search criteria. You will be able to receive a glimpse of the results with key information without having to open up the record. You can select all or individual records using the check boxes next to each entry. 


For a custom search display, the list can be sorted by clicking on the column header ‘Media Type’, for example, to sort the results alphabetically by the type of media. 

To view all associated contacts within an individual outlet, simply click on the number of contacts, which will open a new list displaying all contacts at the outlet.

Advanced search:

The advanced search page contains various media-specific criteria that allow you to narrow your search results even further.

Here you can build highly targeted lists, utilising a variety of search criteria. This gives you maximum control over your results, ensuring they are relevant to your particular media needs and PR objectives. The search terms you have entered will appear in the search criteria to indicate the search parameters. 

Use the ‘Search contacts, outlets or keywords’ field to search for words within any field across the database, including any profile notes on the contact or outlet.

You can also target your results using geographical fields. Specify single or multiple states, city locations or even individual postcodes. 

The options in the ‘Contact’ section allow you to specify contact specific attributes.

Refine your search by specifying criteria relating to the outlet. Type in an outlet’s name or select from the media type options. You can also choose to target outlets that cover specific subjects by selecting from the extensive subject listings.


Narrow your results further by finding records with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other specific social media profiles to expand your potential communication options. The ‘Exclusion’ fields allow you to define what you do not want to see in your results, further refining your search.