How do I save my search or list on the Contacts Database?

If you regularly use the same or very similar searching criteria or lists in Medianet’s Contacts Database, consider saving them for future usage.

Saving your Search:

You can save the search criteria you have entered to build a list. This will retain your selections, enabling you to re-run your most common searches at a later date. Once you have run the search and want to save your criteria for future use, click on ‘Save Search’

You can choose to save your search under an existing search ‘Group’ by using the drop-down menu or create an entirely new group. Enter a new group name or select an existing group from the drop-down. Give your search a name to assist with organisation.

Select ‘Public’ to make the search visible to all database account holders in your organisation. Select ‘Private’ if you would like your saved search to be visible only to you.

Saving your List:

You can save a list of records based on search results. Your lists will appear on the left-hand side panel under ‘Saved Lists’.

Saving a list works in the same way as saving a search. The ‘Save List’ option appears both at the top and bottom of search results for your convenience. 

Just like with searches, you may add your results to a new or existing group and give it a name. You may also add the results to an existing list. Once you have saved a list, you can also access additional options such as mailing labels and export.

Select ‘Existing group’ or ‘Existing list’ to add the search results to one of your previously saved categories. Use the dropdown menu to add the search results to any of your saved lists.

Saved lists can then be accessed by clicking the ‘Lists’ option on the left-hand menu.


The arrow icon will let you expand the list groups to see the saved lists. The pencil icon will allow you to rename groups and saved lists. The cross icon will allow you to delete saved lists and saved list groups.

Any updates to a saved list will appear at the top of the list as ‘Living List Updates’. Contacts or outlets that have been removed from the database will be removed from your list, keeping your list up-to-date. Recommended replacement contacts will be added to your list, or you can choose your own replacements. You can also choose not to replace contacts that have been removed. You can ‘Accept all’ changes recommended by the ‘Living List Updates’ in one go, saving you valuable time managing your lists. 

Additional options:

  • Remove records on the List using Delete Records. Deselect any records you wish to keep before choosing this option. 
  • Use Chase List to export lists into a handy report for following up on your media campaign. 
  • Create a copy of your list using the Duplicate List. This is useful for keeping a master list. 
  • Combine the list with another saved list by using Merge List
  • Add comments or notes to all records on your list using Add Note
  • Export a list to an Excel file with Export List.