How do I access my reports on the myAnalysis Online Portal?

Medianet Insights customers have access to our interactive online reporting platform, myAnalysis, providing full transparent access to all reports and results.

myAnalysis is Medianet Insights’ interactive online reporting platform, where you can access and interrogate our analysis of your media coverage. myAnalysis webpages typically mirror a page or section of our PDF reports, allowing you to click-through each graph and chart to see the relevant data in minute detail.

myAnalysis provides you with an unparalleled level of data transparency, wherein you can see exactly how your media coverage has been analysed by Medianet Insights, and how that data contributes to our reporting.

If you want to know why your media coverage has been analysed and reported a certain way, you can simply see for yourself how each media item has been analysed, and how it all informs the data in our reports.


How to access myAnalysis

Individual myAnalysis webpages can be accessed by following the link, marked ‘click’, on the top-right corner of a page in your PDF report.


How to explore myAnalysis

Simply click on an individual section of a graph to open a new browser window featuring all the data used to create that part of the graph.


From this window you can browse, search, filter, sort and export the data to see exactly what your media coverage is and how it has been analysed.




How to access previous myAnalysis reports

The data from your previous reports will always be accessible via the links in the top-right corner of a page in your PDF reports.