Media insights glossary

A guide to help you quickly understand some of the most common terms as well as the exclusive media analysis metrics we use in our reports.

Traditional Media

- Volume

The number of individual media items that mention your brand/organisation in an analysis period.

- Favourability

Favourable – News items that reflect favourably on your brand/organisation, its employees, or the activities it engages in.

Neutral – News items that do not add to or detract from perceptions of the brand/organisation, or that are balanced due to input from various parties.

Unfavourable – News items that reflect unfavourably on the organisation, its employees or the activities it engages in.

- Active/Passive

Proactive – Your brand/organisation has actively contributed to the media items through a media release, spokesperson input, sponsorship, submission or research report.

Reactive – Media items where your brand/organisation has actively responded to an issue through a media release or spokesperson input.

Passive – Media items that appear to have no active input or comment from your brand/organisation.

- Prominence

Primary – Your brand/organisation is the main focus of a full-length media item.

Major – Your brand/organisation is one of the main focuses of a substantial media item.

Substantive – The mention is relatively brief but has a significant reflection on your brand/organisation.

Passing – Your brand/organisation is referred to only briefly and with minimal impact.

- Net Sentiment Score (NSS) – The Net Sentiment Score is a benchmark for measuring engagement levels and success. Net Sentiment Score is the percentage of coverage that is rated favourable or neutral minus the percentage of coverage that is rated unfavourable. The score is measured from 100 to -100.

- Media Impact Score (MIS) – The Media Impact Score is designed to track brand impact in a more comprehensive manner than the existing markers of success, which focus exclusively on sentiment. The MIS brings together measures of Sentiment, Prominence and Active Media Engagement along with the volume of coverage into a score measured from zero to 100. The higher the score, the higher the brand impact.


Social Media

- Volume – The number of publicly available social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Flickr and YouTube as sourced by Medianet Insights’ social monitoring platform.

- Impressions/Reach – The cumulative number of potential impressions of all monitored publicly available social media posts.

- Engagement – The number of publicly available social media posts people are interacting/engaging with.