DIY vs ROI: The Dangers of Doing It Yourself in an Budget-conscious time

Own your earned media webinar - Livestorm (17)

What you can expect:

PR budgets are being reduced, and PR professionals are doing a lot with less. Data gathered in June 2023 from the world’s 100 most powerful communicators found that there has been a drop in public relations investment in the past 12 months of more than $1bn, from $4.8bn to $3.7bn. At the same time, many PR professionals claim to experience burnout and do unpaid work.

It’s time to take action and make savings where possible. Reviewing workflows and how time is spent is the quickest way to spot inefficiencies and make PR budget savings.

But is ‘Doing it yourself’ the answer?

In this webinar, CoverageBook’s Stella Bayles and Medianet’s Amrita Sidhu discuss:

  • Why the PR industry is experiencing a downturn
  • Why ‘doing it yourself’ is costing your stakeholders thousands
  • How to take action to prevent your budget being reduced
  • The tech-stack you should invest in to improve your workflow


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