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University start-ups given a boost amidst widespread withdrawal

University start-ups given a boost amidst widespread withdrawal

Vaccine developers could be given a vital funding boost with prominent venture capital funds investing more in university research startups.

University-focused venture capital fund, Stoic Venture Capital is increasing its investment in start-ups that are commercialising promising university innovations in areas including medicine, science, biotechnology and agritech.

Stoic Venture Capital Managing Partner - Investments Geoff Waring said the impact of COVID-19 revealed weaknesses in university funding models that could be alleviated by venture capital funds.

“A chronic shortage of early stage venture capital in Australia is leaving university researchers and startups with a lack resources to bring their valuable inventions and intellectual property to life,” Dr Waring said.

“That includes funding for medical research to assist the development of vaccines and treatments that could help many people in our community.”

Dr Waring said Stoic was increasing its investment in university startups and emerging companies at a time when other venture capital funds were backing away.

Stoic’s portfolio of investments includes some of Australia’s most promising startups that are spinning out of university research.

“Stoic is filling this gap, providing a critical source of seed stage funding to help transform university research into emerging companies.

“This will ensure that many research projects, including for drugs and other treatments, continue to progress through clinical trials and approval processes to eventual development and manufacturing.

“These companies support an entire ecosystem of jobs and innovation that will assist the long-term growth of our economy.”

About Stoic Venture Capital

Stoic Venture Capital provides financing for early-stage companies, particularly those arising from university research. We are unconditionally registered as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP). We take a collaborative approach to investing in the highest potential companies.