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Beston Continues Its Run Of Goal-Kicking Milestones



10th June 2020                                                                                                ASX CODE: BFC







·         Beston Global Food Company wins a further 12 Industry Awards from Australia’s highly respected Dairy Industry Body – taking BFC’s awards’ tally to 131


·         Beston’s award-winning Mozzarella Cheese wins the CANSTAR BLUE award for a major Australian retailer



Just prior to Victoria going into hibernation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, judging took place by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) to deliberate on the nation’s most award-deserving dairy products from across the country.


During this judging process, Beston Global Food Company (ASX: BFC) continued to ‘wow’ respected industry umpires, resulting in a further 12 Gold and Silver awards being added to the suite of accolades that the Company has accrued over the past five years.


This year’s distinguished annual DIAA Awards of Excellence dinner has been rescheduled due to the pandemic, however whilst the DIAA has decided to release details of the Gold and Silver medal winners in advance, they are holding the Trophy winners close to their chests until the event is held later in the year.


And there’s more…BFC has been advised that the already award-winning Mozzarella Cheese it produces for a major Australian retailer, has also received the coveted Canstar Blue Award for the Mozzarella Cheese category, amassing its full 5 stars’ rating for “overall satisfaction”.


“This level of recognition, firstly from the Dairy Industry Association of Australia continues to humble us and highlights the fact that we’re consistently producing premium quality products”, says BFC CEO, Jonathan Hicks. “And now recognition in the way of a Canstar Blue award, which is synonymous for focusing on product excellence and essentially acts as a voice of consumers, represents the fact that the quality of our products is now extending beyond the Dairy Industry and being judged in more general settings and amongst consumers - and very much holding its own against our competitors’ products.


“Australian products have never been more sought after; from a biosecurity perspective, BFC can absolutely guarantee product integrity from ‘farm to fork’, using premium quality milk from South Australia’s finest Dairy Farmers and produced in BFC’s state-of-the-art factories which are located in Murray Bridge and Jervois”.


The endorsement of ‘consistent premium quality’ cheese reflected by all these awards have, importantly, translated into increased Sales for the Company.


“Mozzarella in particular, plays a significant role in the Foodservice side of the business and these awards have helped secure distributors and end users to choose our products. An example of this is a recently signed contract for 1,000T per annum supply of Mozzarella to a large customer overseas – however it’s also starting to put its own stamp on the Retail arena, given the major Australian retailer that now has the Canstar Blue rating, courtesy of its BFC-produced shredded Mozzarella, Mr Hicks said. “When we posted our half-year Financials in February, Mozzarella sales had increased by 59% to 4,290 tonnes, which was an increase of 2,690 tonnes at the time on the previous half year results – and now that we’re working through the other side of the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, and backed by significant and respected recognition from the likes of DIAA and Canstar Blue, Beston’s Edwards Crossing Mozzarella in particular is certainly the product to look out for”.






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