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Field & Game Australia calls for straight shooting

Field & Game Australia chief executive Dean O’Hara has criticised misrepresentations in a recent poll on duck hunting in southern Victoria.
His comments follow reports from Gippsland Field & Game Association members saying they were questioned by pollsters reporting to be a responsible polling organisation.
A spokesperson for the organisation said the company was not polling duck hunting yesterday.
Questions included whether respondents support a decision for a duck season and whether they would support the Labor Government if it declared a duck season.
“The government has shown their support for sustainable duck hunting in past actions and words – made clear by Minister Lily D’Ambrosio in an interview with The Weekly Times in December 2019: ‘The Government won’t be banning duck hunting’,” Mr O’Hara said.
“FGA’s history of recreational game bird hunting and the values that uphold the organisation is a fine Australia example of conservation through sustainable use of wildlife.
“FGA stands by its choice to pursue the facts and the data to ensure the most sustainable outcome for a 2020 season – it is not the role or responsibility of the urbanised community to reject an influx of much needed money into a rural community.”
FGA chair Peter Hawker agreed with Mr O’Hara’s views and called for the use of facts and data relevant to the issue at hand.
“Regional Victoria needs a cash injection and duck hunters willingly provide that to the rural economy,” he said.
“FGA have provided a comprehensive report backed by long term scientific studies proving the sustainability of duck hunting.
“Sensible bag limits apply to represent seasonal conditions.
“Game is good to eat, game is plentiful, and people will hunt.”