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The Obscure Things You Can Buy At A $9 Unreserved Auction

The Obscure Things You Can Buy At A $9 Unreserved Auction

GraysOnline sells millions of dollars of unreserved items every year, starting at $9


  • Household appliances including a  350L refrigerator, 32L microwave oven, 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Five (yes five!) lawnmowers
  • Full set of alloy wheels
  • Full set of car tyres
  • 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton pillow case set
  • PGF golf bag
  • 50 pairs of ladies g-strings
  • Men’s silver dress watch 
  • 24 cans of Jacobs Creek Moscato


Online auction company GraysOnline has recently revealed the items that have sold for $9 in the past 4 months. Every year, the Australian company sells millions of dollars worth of unreserved items, each time starting at $9. This year the company promises that the Christmas bargains will be bigger and better than ever before. 

A company spokesperson for GraysOnline said of the sale: "For the 2019 Q4 auctions, we once again have a huge variety of bargains coming up before Christmas, all starting at the small price of $9. We're anticipating more online footfall than ever before and hope that all of our customers will find some amazing online Christmas bargains that will make their season special. It really is the season of giving here at GraysOnline!"

Successful $9 auctions in previous years have ranged from the useful to the eclectic, including a variety of household appliances such as a 350L refrigerator and a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner. Bidders have also come away with more unexpected items such as 50 pairs of ladies g-strings, a full set of car tyres, a 1200 thread-count Egyptian cotton pillowcase set, a PGF golf package, men’s dress watch, 24 cans of Jacob's Creek Moscato, and even five lawnmowers. GraysOnline's $9 Christmas bargains don't just consist of regular household things you might expect to get for Christmas but can also provide loved ones with a huge variety of options for a thoughtful gift.

GraysOnline is the largest online auction business in Australasia, auctioning off an extensive range of industrial, auto, commercial and consumer goods - these latter two categories are expected to particularly prove profitable during the Christmas period, though all sectors will be popular thanks to the sheer bargains on offer. 

Following nearly a century of providing first-class auctions, the company moved its auction process online in 2000, and customer engagement has been rising exponentially since then.

Because the online auctions are unreserved, GraysOnline advises customers to check the website frequently in order to spot as many Christmas deals as possible - the bigger and better-than-ever range of $9 bargains means that there truly will be something for every member of the family. The company provides full coverage across Australia, boasting main offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and more national hotspots.

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GraysOnline is the largest industrial and automotive online auction business in Australia. Offering a huge range of consumer, commercial and industrial goods including rare and unique items, GraysOnline is revolutionizing how assets are being sourced, sold and purchased throughout the world. A best in class e-commerce platform and commitment to customer service makes buying and selling with GraysOnline easy, efficient, fair and transparent.