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It's the best proposal story in the universe - almost!

It’s the best proposal story in the universe – almost!


Stav, Abby & Matt’s Out of this World Proposal heads to Goondiwindi THIS week in two Apollo Motorhomes!!!!!!!!!!!


In the past, Hit105’s Stav, Abby & Matt have taken over the skies of Brisbane for Cashnado, and the mighty Brisbane River for their famous Goon Race but their next adventure goes beyond the realm of anything the average human can reach.

It goes into space.

Outer Space!

And to get there, they need to travel to Goondiwindi (stick with us people!).


On September 12 THIS week, Stav, Abby & Matt will travel to Goondiwindi in two Apollo Motorhomes with three couples who are ready to take the next step in their relationships and put a ring on it – but only after that ring is rocketed into space with the help of the brains at Australian Rocketry!


Why Goondiwindi? Because they have the Funny Farm there, the best place in Queensland to launch a rocket.


While they are there, Stav, Abby & Matt will also visit drought affected farmers on Thursday 12 September. Goondiwindi is part of the drought declared areas in what is officially the worst drought on record. Mayor Graham Schue will give them a tour of the town so they can experience the life of the locals.


Then on Friday 13 September, the rocket containing a $20,000 engagement ring (ahem, which is uninsured BTW!) from Xennox Diamonds will be launched into space! The area where the rocket could possibly land will be divided into three sections – one for Stav, one for Abby and one for Matt. Each of them will represent one of the three couples and the winning couple will be announced the following Monday!


Meet the couples:

Ashlee and Alysia from Wooloowin have the modern day romantic cute-meet story, proof that Tinder can sometimes work! They talk every second day about getting married and have already started saving for a baby fund. Ashlee has been holding off on proposing until she could afford the magical proposal she wants to give Alysia, and this could be the perfect opportunity!


The next is a classic Crossing of the Corridor love story! Christian and Ella from Banyo started off as flatmates which quickly turned into much more. Christian tells how Ella moved from being ‘The Girl Downstairs’ to ‘The Girl Upstairs’ in just a few months! His stubbornness along with many missed opportunities mean that Christian still hasn’t proposed to Ella, even though she is only a month away from giving birth to their first child! Ella is a marriage celebrant so hears a lot of proposal stories, but this could be the one to top them all…


And then there‘s Dallas and Amy from Bellbird Park, the long-timers. They have known each other for almost nine years, and for Dallas it was love at first sight but unfortunately Amy was already in a relationship. Fast forward six years and they finally got together, each with a child from a previous relationship making up their perfect little family. They moved to Queensland from Canberra in January and said that their initial priority was to move to paradise, and now it’s time to get engaged! Dallas gushes about Amy, “She’s the one!”


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