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'Just Say No' Fails Grieving Families


‘Just Say No’ Fails Grieving Families


Next week, family members will be lighting candles and sharing memories of the people who have lost their lives as a result of drug and alcohol use.


These memorials will be for International Remembrance Day 2019, a day to acknowledge the lives lost, support those who grieve and stay strong for those who continue to struggle.


In the light of the current coronial inquest surrounding the premature deaths of five festival goers, it has become clear that families are rallying behind the harm reduction strategy of pill testing at these festivals. It is also evident that some people, who may not have personal experience supporting someone with a substance use problem, are opposed.


Family Drug Support invites those, especially media and commentators, to come to one of these national events and explain to the grieving parents, friends and families of those who have passed why they believe that ‘Just Say No’ is an effective strategy and that pill testing is not.


Will they look a grieving parent in the eye and tell them that their child couldn’t be saved and imply it was the lack of parental influence in teaching their children to ‘just say no’?


FDS is not saying that pill testing is the only option, nor is it giving the green light to drug taking. However, it could be a viable one in the broader solution to reducing harm as it highlights when drugs are not safe to use. This is what we are in favour of – reducing harm!


If you would like to join us, we will be recognising lives lost to drugs and alcohol at the following national events:


Tony Trimingham OAM

CEO & Founder

Family Drug Support



24/7 National Toll Free Family Support Line

1300 368 186


Remembrance Day Events


Friday 19th July


NSW – 1:00pm Lawrence Hargrave Reserve KINGS CROSS

Ward Avenue, Kings Cross 2011

Ceremony at Remembrance Tree



Saturday 20th July


NSW – 6:00PM Ashfield Uniting Church ASHFIELD

180 Liverpool Road, Ashfield 2131

Followed by supper in the Church Hall



Monday 22nd July


QLD – 10:00am Emma Miller Place BRISBANE

109 Roma Street, Brisbane 4000



SA – 10:00am Josiah Mitton Reserve BROMPTON

Wood Avenue, Brompton 5007

Ceremony at Memorial Tree followed by morning tea at:

Brompton Community Centre, 19 Green Street, Brompton (2 mins by car or 5 mins walk from Reserve)



VIC – 6:30pm Turning Point Addiction, Treatment & Research Centre

110 Church Street, Richmond 3121




Please contact the office or check the website for updated information





If you have lost someone and would like their name read out and a candle lit at the Ashfield event, please contact the office on (02) 4782 9222