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Accolades as the new Adelaide Boat Show declared a success

Accolades as the new Adelaide Boat Show declared a success


The Adelaide Boat Show closed having been delivered to a keen and enthusiastic audience over the last three days of June.


This year’s edition was transformed by the Boating Industry Association as part of its work to revive the show to a grander level, returning to the Adelaide Convention Centre in the heart of the city and targeting a younger audience.


The show delivered elements of the “education & entertainment” formula the event organisers have been so successful with at other venues, to complement the important path of connecting exhibitors with quality, qualified visitors with a desire to buy products and services offered by them.


New features such as the Supertank, the giant Experiential Kayaking and SUP pool, Tinnies on the Torrens and special guest, record holder and Atlantic Rower Michelle Lee, added to the spectacle that increased visitor dwell time considerably.


With 7,698 visitors over the three days, the show exhibitors responded to the event enthusiastically declaring a return to the venue and continuity of our new formula a must for next year.  The event saw 245 less visitors that the previous year, being 3%, which was not concerning to show organisers.


Event Manager, Domenic Genua said, “Our creative, marketing and media teams were tasked with delivering a more engaged audience.  We needed to happily sacrifice overall visitor numbers in exchange for more families with a desire to participate in the lifestyle now, together with future boat buyers who will help our prosperity in the years to come”.


Planning has already commenced for 2020 with dates identified.   A long-term plan has also been envisaged to move the event slightly, in order that from 2021 onwards there is no clash with end of year business requirements.


South Australian Council Chairman, Stuart Myles said, “Whilst there was some initial apprehension to change, our decision to do so proved absolutely correct and a positive stepping stone for the future of our recreational boating market.  South Australians are boat lovers; however, we know that the opportunity for growth is considerable.  If we wish to share our passion for the lifestyle, we need put boating on a pedestal and the quality of the venue and our ability to use its fabulous atmosphere goes a long way to getting it done”. 


The Boating Industry Association will conduct post event visitor and exhibitor research to help identify further improvements for future events.



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