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Nestle adds new Milo without cane sugar to the Milo family

EMBARGOED UNTIL: 12.01am 27 June 2019 

Auckland, 27 June 2019 - New Zealand's Milo lovers will soon be able to choose Milo without added cane sugar, with the addition of a new option to the range. 

Milo 30% Less Added Sugar* will be available on shelf from later this week, alongside Milo Classic NZ Taste. 

Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said the new product, which has been two years in development, gives people the option of drinking Milo without added cane sugar. 

“With parents increasingly concerned about added sugar in their children’s diets, we’ve created a Milo drink that is true to Milo and encourages people to drink milk, but delivers less added sugar. 

Stewart said that like Milo Classic NZ Taste, new Milo 30% Less Added Sugar contains lactose, which is a naturally occurring sugar in the milk powder, and added sugar in the malt barley, but doesn’t have any cane sugar.  

“New Zealanders have responded strongly to the launch of Milo Classic NZ Taste, and we can assure them that it’s here to stay,” Stewart said.  


“People will now be able to choose whether they want the Milo Classic NZ Taste, or the new Milo 30% Less Added Sugar, knowing that whatever they choose will taste delicious.”  

Milo 30% Less Added Sugar still has the malt barley, milk powder and cocoa that Milo is known for, but uses stevia for sweetness and soluble corn fibre for texture instead of cane sugar.  

The new Milo 30% Less Added Sugar is priced at RRP $7.99 for a 395g tin and will be available from the end of June.  


*Compared to Milo Classic NZ Taste when prepared according to directions with trim milk. 


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 Background – Milo 30% Less Added Sugar 

  • The name Milo 30% Less Added Sugar compares the new product to Milo Classic NZ Taste when it is made with trim milk according to directions.  

  • The “added sugar” on the Nutrition Information Panel for Milo 30% Less Added Sugar is primarily maltose in the malt barley extract.  

  • As well as including added sugar labelling on the new Milo 30% Less Added Sugar, Milo Classic NZ Taste labels are also being changed to include added sugar labelling for ease of comparison.  

  • Nestlé has also created Milo without cane sugar in a number of other countries as part of a global move to reduce sugar in its products. Milo 30% Less Added Sugar has been developed separately to these. 

  • Milo 30% Less Added Sugar and milk is a nutritious formulated supplementary food that provides essential nutrients for children who need a nutritional boost.  


Background - Milo 

  • Milo was created by food scientist Thomas Mayne, who was briefed to develop something nourishing for children suffering from poor diets and malnutrition during the Great Depression, using ingredients Nestlé already used.  

  • It was originally developed at Smithtown in NSW, Australia, and launched in New Zealand in 1935. 

  • While added vitamins and minerals were part of Milo from its creation, the vitamin mix has changed to reflect the contemporary nutritional needs of children. 

  • Milo is now made in 24 factories around the world, and sold in more than 40 countries, making it one of the few Australian-created food brands to enjoy widespread adoption.  However, the recipe is different in each country – for example, Australia and New Zealand are the only countries where Milo has crunchy bits on top.