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The Women's Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Queensland


The Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Queensland will host their annual Peace Symposium on the 15h of June 2019 at Baitul Masroor Mosque (1 Neville Road, Stockleigh 4280).

Every year the event brings together women from diverse communities and faiths to facilitate the important discussion of the role of women in establishing peace. This year’s theme will specifically discuss the role of women as nation builders.
The aim of this annual Peace Symposium is for women to promote a deeper understanding for the effort of establishing peace within society. Each year close to 200 delegates, attend this unique event including councilors, senators, parliamentarians, community leaders and representatives from charities, faiths, and organisations across Queensland. Guests enjoy a host of informative talks, a tour of the Baitul Masroor Mosque and complementary dinner. Women from all faiths and no-faiths are all welcome to attend this event; those interested in attending are welcome to make contact and register for the event using the contact details provided.

Media opportunities are available with local Imams or representatives of the auxiliary.

About the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a very peaceful, law abiding, nonviolent and loving community. Founded in 1889, the Community spans more than 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. It is the leading Islamic organisation to categorically reject terrorism in any form. Today, it continues to be an advocate for universal human rights and protection for religious and other minorities. It champions the empowerment and education of women. Its members are among the most law-abiding, educated, and engaged Muslims in the world. For the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia, please visit: |  | Twitter: @AhmadiyyaAUS

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