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We must not bow down to terrorists

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15 March 2019


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Terror has no religion: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Queensland strongly condemns the Christchurch terror attack


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Live interview of Australian Imam, Muslim perspective, future of Muslims in Australia, message to all Australians.


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community strongly condemns the horrific terror attack on two Mosques in Christchurch on Friday.



Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with the victims and their families.




This was a deliberate and targeted attack on innocent worshippers on the most Holy day for Muslims. It demonstrates that terror has no religion and knows no bounds.


Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Queensland and NT and Imam Wadood Janud said:



“This is indeed a very sad day for all. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. It is critical that at this time we all remain united against hatred, division and bigotry. All extremists share a common goal to divide our community and spread fear and we must make sure they are not successful. I urge all to remain calm and continue attending their local Mosques. We must not bow down to terrorists.”



About the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a very peaceful, law abiding, nonviolent and loving community. Founded in 1889, the Community spans more than 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the leading Islamic organisation to categorically reject terrorism in any form. Similarly, the Ahmadiyya Community is the only Islamic organisation to endorse a separation of mosque and state. Today, it continues to be an advocate for universal human rights and protection for religious and other minorities. It champions the empowerment and education of women. Its members are among the most law-abiding, educated, and engaged Muslims in the world. For the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia, please visit: or email