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David Leyonhjelm, lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats

Christchurch terrorist attack

Christchurch terrorist attack

David Leyonhjelm has condemned the terrorist attack that occurred in Christchurch earlier today and offered condolences to our Kiwi cousins who have been affected by the tragedy.

“People should be able to congregate and practise their religion without fearing for their lives,” he said. “Freedom of religious expression is fundamental to democracy, along with having safe places to worship.”

“All individuals have the right to worship and follow a religion of their choosing.

“Those who harbour anti-Muslim sentiments and Islamophobia are not welcome in a free society. The perpetrators of this tragedy are medieval, dumb weaklings.

“I have consistently opposed blanket condemnation of Moslems by some of my Senate colleagues. I endorse the views of the Jewish commentator on Middle East affairs, Daniel Pipes, who says radical Islam might be the problem, but moderate Islam is the solution.

“This was an attack on innocent people simply because of their religion.

“The perpetrators have behaved exactly as radical Islamist terrorists would behave.

“Before the anti-gun movement turn this into a debate about gun control, it should be noted that the law-abiding firearms community have nothing to do with this tragedy.

“The perpetrators broke multiple laws, including firearms laws, to carry out their crimes. Their preparations and actions indicate disregard and gross violation of New Zealand gun law. 

“So I urge Australians to not push uninformed conclusions about New Zealand's gun law compared to Australia's.  Let's show some sensitivity to our Kiwi cousins.

“Too often we see the good guys, the law-abiding, the sporting shooters, the farmers, the volunteer hunters, punished for the actions of a tiny minority who misuse firearms, often obtained illegally."

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