AAP Medianet provides high quality, systematic media research and analysis services, along with personalised reporting portals that enable you to track the impact of your release from beginning to end. 



Accessed through your distribution portal, Trendwatcher displays data to help you best capture the media’s attention.

  • Access key trends and opportunities to shape your story
  • Join in the conversation by viewing what categories are in the spotlight
  • View upcoming events and add your own to the newsrooms most used media events calendar
  • Keep track of your organisation’s usage by viewing your communication frequency, busiest day of the week and more

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Release Reporting

Presenting you reporting for every press release distributed through Medianet to enable you to track your efforts and do more with your releases. Track who and how many people opened your release.

  • Use the metrics in the release report to understand whether the chosen distribution list was relevant to your release.
  • Gain an understanding of the type of headlines to use for your releases. The headline for your release can be the reason your story gets pick up.
  • Follow up with the right media outlet by viewing who has opened your release so you don’t catch them off guard.
  • It’s free with every distribution send. Login and click ‘View Releases’ to see your results.
  • The Medianet Editor report is also available with every release distributed through Medianet. Scroll down to read more.

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Editor Feedback Report

Here is a revolutionary and unique style for your release reports. Receive personalised feedback and ratings on all releases distributed through Medianet from the perspective of working journalists, our Medianet Editors.

  •  Personalised feedback and ratings on the core elements of your release to help identify the key strengths and weaknesses of your current release
  • Better understand why your release obtained the open rates and level of pickup it did from the opinion of working journalists
  • Utilise the personalised recommendations provided to help shape your next release to keep it more in line with the expectations of journalists.
  • The service is free with every press released distributed. Login and click ‘View reports’ to see your results.

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