Boost your campaigns with enhanced releases, hosted on a dedicated landing page.


A Multimedia News Release (MNR) is a web based press release that hosts your video, audio, images, related documents and branding alongside your text release. It’s a micro-site for your release.

Journalists love images, videos and additional resources that provide multiple angles and add depth to a story. Having an accessible MNR packed with all the information journalists need massively increases your chance of pick up.

Once you have created your MNR, we provide you with a comprehensive report which outlines the number of views your release has had, the number of downloads from each of your assets and more.


How to get started on building your MNR

Building an MNR is not as tedious as it might sound. In fact, other than providing our team with what you would like to explain, we do the rest for you. We personalise your Multimedia News Release to include your branding and multimedia assets. To get started on building your MNR and to ensure we create the most suitable design for your release, click here to fill out the form and we will notify a team member to give you a call. If you can’t wait, you can call us on 1300 616 813.


Here is a live example of a Multimedia News Release

Click the image below view a live Multimedia News Release.

Destination NSW Multimedia News Release

Destination NSW Multimedia News Release