A dedicated and energetic media sales professional, Kintae’s career has transcended multiple platforms including digital, print and radio. She has particular expertise in cross platform concept development and implementation of creative strategies to satisfy client marketing objectives.

Kintae is currently responsible for Medianet’s PR Agency clients, including revenue and long term analysis, client usage monitoring, and account expenditures.

How did you decide to get into PR/marketing? What drew you to this industry?

I always knew I wanted to be involved with the Media in some capacity. I studied a BA Communications/Advertising at University, and my first job from this was in radio. After that I spent about 6 years at Bauer Media (now ARE Media) but what I love about PR, and my role at Medianet specifically is working alongside my clients and contributing to their brands success.

You’ve worked on many interesting projects over the years, what is the one you’re most proud of? What made it successful?

A recent project I worked on that really excited me was for Volkswagen “The World’s Smallest Dealership”. The activation was developed to take advantage of the widespread shift to online shopping that has occurred this year, including big ticket items such as cars.
We were able to facilitate the distribution of this release which had successful pickup in both Australia and NZ markets, as well as internationally. I think this campaign was so successful as Volkswagen is a brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

There are so many PR/marketing businesses and specialists out there. How do you make your work stand out/unique, or what advice would you give to specialists and agencies to help with this?

In today’s analytics-driven and competitive world, developing a unique PR strategy is quite complex. I think it is about setting goals, choosing the right distribution channels and of course the right target market. This is where Medianet is able to assist so our agency partners can spend more time developing the strategy, and less time thinking about the target and distribution method.  

The industry is constantly evolving. Do you have any predictions for trends/strategies etc. that we could be seeing more of over the next few years?

I think since the onset of Covid, the power of brand messaging will be more important than ever. I also think the power of regional targeting will become more important for national brands as Australians are now spending more time exploring our own backyard! We have also seen an uplift in Podcasts as a method of storytelling for many brands and I think this will continue to grow.  

 What does your role at Medianet involve? What’s your favourite part?

My role at Medianet involves working with a range of PR agencies, and making their communications efforts as seamless as possible. My favourite part is that I am constantly learning from my clients and contributing to those brands’ success. 


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