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PR expert Claire Cassey uses creative talents for Times Square campaign and Rod Stewart MNR

Meet Claire, our PR Business Manager in our PR division. With a background in small business management and a demonstrated 25 years of working in the media industry in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and London, Claire is able to help PR agencies deliver the best results for their clients by looking outside of the box for message deliveries. 

On the weekends you will find Claire painting large abstracts works which are slowly overtaking her home.


What are your personal interests, hobbies or strengths, and how do you think these have influenced your work? 

I am a very creative person and am constantly thinking outside the box to get my art noticed so this is something that I bring to the table for those PR agencies who want to do more than just a press release. I recently worked on a huge international campaign that consisted of a five minute video running on the Reuters building in Times Square. My client told me what she wanted the end result to be and left it to me to come up with the strategy to reach that goal.


How did you decide to get into PR? What drew you to this industry? 

Having been involved in the media industry for the past 30 years it was a transition that came from working in paid media for so long. I ran my own business for several years too, which went on to be internationally recognised in the industry, and I found I was helping a lot of creative people have their story told through PR. It was something I loved doing and have continued to love doing.


Is there a campaign you’ve worked on recently that has particularly excited you? What made it so successful or interesting?   

There have been a couple of great projects that I have recently worked on, one was for a client who needed international presence for a worldwide climate issue and the other was for a special event that was happening on a Saturday afternoon but needed to hit the newsrooms for Sunday morning.

For the first one my client told me the outcome they were hoping to achieve and wanted me to come up with the strategy and execution of the distribution plan. I worked with our team to obtain global distribution for a multimedia news release that was translated into ten different languages. I knew the client had some amazing video footage so I recommended having that video run in Times Square on a Friday afternoon. The success of the campaign completely exceeded my client’s, and her client’s, expectations with a reach of over 15 million people within 24 hours.

The other was a very special multimedia news release that showcased a live surprise performance by Rod Stewart for the America’s Cup in New Zealand. Because of the travel bans across the world our client needed to find a way to get this out to as many people as possible (seeing as the media couldn’t come to them), as quickly as possible, ensuring the excitement of this event was shared to the media before it lost its momentum. Our team worked closely with our client to have the video footage and imagery delivered for an event that happened just before 4pm, a microsite built to house the MNR then distributed out to the Australian media by 5am the next day, all turned around in less that 12 hours. 


What’s the number one advice you give to PR specialists and agencies?

 Journalists are no longer interested in just getting a random press release from someone that has not bothered to know their audience properly. It is really important to make sure that your message is going to the right journalists – is it timely, have they included strong assets to use, would this story appeal to the media outlets audience? One of the main things is it is not up to the PR agency to write the story – that is the journalists job, but what they need to be given are the tools to help write that story; facts, quotes, great heading, succinct information and great assets.


What’s your favourite part of your job at Medianet? 

The first thing would be the people I work with, to have a great work culture and to work with people that genuinely care about their clients is refreshing. I also really love my clients; I love seeing what they have coming up for their own clients to help come up with ideas on how to get their message out there  via the products and services we have.

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