Michael O'Connell - Mediaverse Michael O’Connell is Managing Director of Medianet and its media analysis arm, Mediaverse. Michael recently attended the international AMEC awards in Prague, where Mediaverse won the global award for Best Mid-Sized Communications, Research and Measurement Team of the Year. 


What is media analysis and how does it help organisations with their communications?  
Corporate affairs and communication teams use Mediaverse to better understand how their organisations are being represented and discussed across traditional and social media.

We look beyond basic clip counts/volume/audience reach etc. We also assess the real impact of our clients’ media coverage, and the what, where, how and why of the different perspectives being shared. This helps our clients manage performance and track reputation. We can tell our clients not just how their organisations are being discussed, but what this means for their communication goals.


What would you say is the typical Mediaverse client?
Our clients are typically at the more sophisticated end of corporate affairs and communications management. They are trusted advisors to their executives and board on how the organisation and their competitors are being perceived. They include government departments, large corporates, NFPs and those working in issues-rich environments.


How has media analysis changed over the years since you established the business in 1995?
I think our products and services have really developed in parallel with the expectations of modern corporate affairs and communications operatives.

It was once all about column centimetres and positive, negative and neutral assessments of media coverage. People tended to use it to demonstrate the success of their PR strategies.

These days, it’s much more than raw data being pulled from media monitoring databases. Our clients lead and manage public, consumer and stakeholder relations and provide insights to their leadership on how that is tracking. Our service helps them to do that with breadth and accuracy – beyond their intuition- across the issues, brands and reputations being shaped through the media.

And of course the rise and rise of social media.


You had some pretty stiff international competition in the category for Best Mid-Size team at the international AMEC awards. Why do you think your team took home the award? 
It’s all about our team. We have a genuine interest in the issues facing our clients and understand the challenges and issues in their industries. The team are highly experienced in providing objective and accurate assessments, backed by our media analysis and data-driven insights.

They are all postgraduate qualified in media or a related field, have a passion for current affairs and a desire to support the work of our clients. The deadlines are tight and the work is intense but they love the challenge that such a role brings.


If there is one key tip you could give to help companies with their media strategy, what would that be?
I think we have seen from the inaccurate polls before the recent Federal Election, and elections around the world, that having a single source for tracking public sentiment and intentions is not enough.

The media – in all its forms – is central to people’s daily lives and it informs and adjusts our perspectives continuously. Really good media analysis – which balances human insight with data analytics – is a powerful way to better understand how the issues, brands and people relevant to you are being represented and received.


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Mediaverse AMEC Awards 2019