AAP Masterclass: Melbourne Health Series 2017

Sarah Wiedersehn, Medical Reporter at AAP


Sarah Wiedersehn has almost 20 years of experience in journalism, working across radio, television, print and online publications across the country. She has been with the Australian Associated Press (AAP) since 2007 and is currently a Medical Reporter, covering topics like mental health, dietetics, nutrition and sports physiology.

Sarah drew on her expertise at the sold-out AAP Health Masterclass last October to discuss sources, her reliance on press releases for news gathering, and the conflict that sometimes arises between writing a story that is new versus writing a story that is important.


You have to take the mentality that, yes we’ve covered this many times but this is new data and it is important.”


Questions Sarah answered at the AAP Masterclass

  • What is a regular day for you like?
  • What makes a good story?
  • Would you always respect an embargo?


Sarah’s key tip when writing and pitching a press release to online and print publications :

Be patient but be persistent. Just because something might not strike us as a story on a particular day does not mean we won’t ever use it. We might have a think about it and come back to it later.



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