AAP Masterclass: Melbourne Health Series 2017

Grant McArthur, Health Editor at Herald Sun


As the 2016 Walkley Foundation Winner for Excellence in Journalism, Print/Text News Report, Grant McArthur has worked as a health reporter since he joined the Herald Sun in 2006.

Grant’s primary objective when reporting on health issues is to always place the human aspect forefront of any issue. This focus on ensuring each story connects with audiences, shone through when Grant spoke at our sold out AAP Health Masterclass in Melbourne last October.

Grant shared the three key areas he keeps to when reporting on health stories – “policy and regulation, research, and human interest stories” – and gave his insights on what makes a successful press release.


“I don’t like sexiness in stories. I will think they are pitching or selling something to me. I don’t have time to be talked into something. I want honesty. I want simple.”


Grant’s key insights on what makes a successful health press release

Try to avoid overselling a story with flowery headlines and long expository paragraphs.


Questions Grant answered at the AAP Masterclass

  • What does a day in the life for you look like?
  • What are your opinions on the repetitive nature health reporting can sometimes be?
  • What is the process for you when planning out a story?



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