AAP Masterclass: Melbourne Health Series 2017

Emily Rice, Health Reporter at Nine News – Pitching to TV


Emily Rice AAP Masterclass

Emily Rice begins her day at 5 am by looking at Twitter, scouring all her sources to complete, support or start her stories. As a senior journalist and Health Reporter for Nine News Melbourne, Emily has over 18 years of experience reporting breaking and health news at Network 10, Southern Cross Austereo and more.

Working in an industry where the trends, deadlines, and structures are constantly changing, Emily joined our esteemed panel of key media influencers, at our sold out AAP Health Masterclass to discuss insights on what makes a great story, what grabs the media’s attention, how to best contact journalists like herself and what organisations can do to get their story in the media.


“I want one paragraph and it in dot points. Who, what, where, when. Where is it, who is it, when is it. Don’t worry about making it flowery.”


Questions Emily answered at the AAP Masterclass

  • How do you prefer to be contacted?
  • How do you choose which information is worth a story/feature?
  • What is the most memorable story you’ve covered?


Emily’s key tip when writing and pitching a press release to television

People and pictures. You need good talent. If they’re honest and human and normal. They don’t have to be a supermodel. Someone who wants to tell their story. If you can’t tell me what I can film then I can’t do the story.



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