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South Australian library excellence recognised in China

This week the State Library of South Australia and Shandong Province Library signed an historic agreement to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, through sharing cultural and library expertise and knowledge. This is intended to be a long term relationship which will provide benefits to both South Australia and Shandong Province, however it has been agreed that two immediate projects will flow from the agreement.


The State Library will support Shandong Library by using its expertise to set up and implement a One Card Management System, similar to the one used by all South Australian public libraries. The ‘one card’ network provides all library users with seamless access to over 4 million items held in the 138 public libraries across South Australia. Shandong is looking at how a similar system would benefit its library users.

The State Library will also provide support for Shandong as their staff explore the unique role that the State Library plays in the delivery of the University of South Australia’s Masters of Library & Information Management degrees. This unique university and industry teaching partnership is of interest to the Shandong Library.

In Beijing with the trade and cultural delegation, the State Library Director, Alan Smith said “I’m delighted to be working with our colleagues in Shandong Province and to be using our experience and expertise in helping them to strengthen their library network”.

As part of providing support for the exploration of these two projects, the two libraries will take part in joint staff exchanges. Arrangements are well underway for the State Library to host 2 staff from Shandong Library this year. They will be here to study the One Card and Masters of Library Studies projects.

Alan Smith said, “This is a long term collaboration between our libraries, we have much to learn from each other and much can be achieved by working together”.

The State Library looks forward to working with our colleagues in Shandong in the near future.


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